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Her first audience

Webmaster : Florent Burgevin (
Concept : Tamia Valmont
Editing assistants : Diego Olivares, Aude-Isabelle Toupance
Painting : Julieth Mars Toussaint (detail from « Déjeuner sur l'herbe »)
Photos : Emanuel AMMON, Josef JUTZ, Guy LE QUERREC, Philippe LÉVY, Germaine LOT, Roberto MASOTTI, Anne NORDMANN, Rosine NUSIMOVICI, Geneviève ROY

Warmest thanks for their kind authorization to photographers, painter and newspapers Art Press, Die Weltwoche and Le Monde.

Translation : Kayla ALBARADO (Word-Connection), Sophie DUBUS, Jean-Baptiste FLAMIN, Nelly GANANCIA, Jane MAC GILLIVRAY, Paola MIGLIETTI, Christine PIOT, Spasa RATKOVIC, Eric ROSENCRANTZ, Simon THURSTON, Pascale VOILEY, Michel VOLKOVITCH, Ralph GOODRIDGE

Sound engineer : François PAILLET Capitaine Fracasse


Warmest thanks to Mireille BOULANGER, Nicolas COURTIER, Hélène DUPIN, Camille LETELLIER, Camille MOUSSARD-DUPIN, Anne FRAYSSE.

Special thanks to Diego Olivares for his help.


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